Google is coming after Apple and has updated its Switch website to support Google Drive. In its WAR to capture the iOS Market, Google has introduced a latest feature, which will make it easier for iPhone users to shift towards Android.

All the process takes is 3 simple steps!

1. Download Google Drive to your iOS set and sign in under your Google account. In case, you are not having Google account then you can create the new one in Google Drive. Install the latest version of Google Drive.

2. Click the backup wizard by selecting menu> setting > backup. Now select the content that you are desiring to back up. Otherwise you can simply click the “Start Backup” button. It will take too much time, so there is another good option to connect your device to power and WiFi.

3. Sign in to your Google account on your new Android Device. Ensure that you are using the same account that you have used to back up your iPhone. Oh yeah! The last but not the least do not forget to turn off iMessage.

The War is Just Getting Started!

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