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Whilst iPhone and iPad users are reliving their Nintendo days with the legendary Super Mario Run on their devices, Android users are left out in the cold still waiting for the grand announcement by the company of its launch. Although, the elites at Nintendo have made the statement that they are planning a launch of their game soon for android users, we at Technobyt wonder when will it actually come out?

The team at Nintendo have also made the claim that they are expecting to launch the game for android users by the mid of 2017. However, Nintendo is known to be a not-very-timely company and until they release their top-seller; numerous cheap clones and imitators are emerging on the android interface.

Another reason that the video game company might be reluctant in launching the game’s smartphone version is the heavy price tag. Currently, the Super Mario Run is available on iOS devices for $7.95 making it one of the most expensive games on the platform. Fans that are using the Super Mario Run on their iOS devices are also complaining that the game is restricted to being online-only.

Regardless of the complaints, Super Mario Run sales have soared and it is one of the top downloaded games on Apple devices.

The attractive game play and the competitive levels make Super Mario Run a perfect addition to smartphones. And we, just like other fans hope that the makers launch the game on the android platform soon. Let’s hope so soon!

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