Learning over the years ‘G’ for Goat and ‘G’ for Gun, one may have never presumed how important that letter would be in the smartphone industry one day. Otherwise there would have been patents issued for this letter as well!

Used as a symbol for wireless Internet technology, the touch of ‘G’ has amplified the value of smartphones. ‘G’ represents ‘generation’ in the wireless technology in devices. Over the years, new ‘Gs’ have been introduced which represent faster internet access and better internet connectivity of the devices. This allows for a plethora of new and improved operations to be possible on such handy devices.

Beginning from the analogue cellular systems, the single G developed then into the 2G where only 9.6 Kbits/s to about 200 Kbps speed was possible. With the advent of 3G, speed limit increased to the amazing 384 kbit/s to 21.6 Mbit/s (theoretically) which is also referred to as 3.5G. To the amazement of many, then came the fast and the furious 4G technology, where the speed limits allowed ranges from 14 Mbps to 150 Mbps (theoretically).

It does require compatible hardware however. Thus with each added G on the device, one is able to stream higher definition media, with better speed and smoother navigation and surfing. 5G is still under the process of development.

Higher the G, higher the worth of the smartphone; the pursuit of G has prompted smartphone manufacturers to play around with their devices making them 4G enabled and higher providing us new device options every day.

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  • Tom Howard

    Hi Farah,

    This is nicely written and it is exciting to see how tech has progressed so quickly over the years!