The popular social networking site Facebook has stretch itself and taking over your working lifestyle with Facebook at Work.

With 1.3 billion users around the world and being the number 1 social network according to number of active users, Facebook is now aiming at the workplace with plans of launching “Facebook at Work”.

Facebook at Work will be the technology of workplace and with its taking over with LinkedIn and Google Drive it will become a serious tool in work scenario.

As per the reports, the Silicon Valley company has developed this platform for people at work which is equipped with features of chatting with your colleagues, making and connecting with the professional contacts and associated with the documentation as well.

It is also stated that this new website will appear quite similar to Facebook having the features of groups and news-feed. However, it will not allow collaborating the personal life such as political views, irrelevant videos and family photos.

This will help an individual, company or business to have a personal work identity away from the personal life.

The idea of Facebook at work was generated to connect the employer and employee enabling them to have a professional presentation.

However, the concept of business, companies and individual to provide access to a social networking site of their data is debatable. The respond of the workplace community can only be gauged over a sustainable period of time, depending on what terms and conditions are applied on sharing and storing of the data.

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