Samsung Galaxy S7 since its release in February- March 2016 has been a sensation globally. It was also termed as ‘Phone of the year 2016’ by many. Initial reviews marked Galaxy S7 as ‘Perfection’ personified. Samsung by itself, features the phone with a slogan ‘Redefine what a Phone can do’.

Until after the 9 months of its release, Samsung Galaxy S7 still holds its popularity and grandeur in the smartphone industry. Especially after Galaxy Note 7 proved to be a nightmare, phone freaks retrieved to Galaxy S series as the last resort since Samsung offered Galaxy S7 in the replacement policy of Galaxy Note 7. People were offered to either replace Note 7 with S7 or Galaxy S7 edge along with a refund of the price difference between the two devices or in other case; they were offered a complete refund.

Pros and Cons

Initially, the beautiful design and excellent camera, 5.1 inch big screen, and super 3600 mAh processor made the device a much favorite one. However, a play back video flickering defect was found which was fixed by Samsung through a software update in few months. Other cons include reflective Smudge magnet. The pictures taken also have a too-refined-to-be-original look which may also be deemed as a con. However selfie lovers and photo freaks may not mind this feature. Added on, is the camera power to take pictures in the dark. Longer battery life has also been a very useful feature till now.

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