According to a representative from Nokia, the former leader of telecommunication industry has filed several lawsuits against Apple company, the present dominant of the industry.

History behind Lawsuit

This lawsuit highlights Apple’s violation of 32 technology patents which the Nokia states are used by many Apple products. Of course, Apple is not the one to keep quiet on the matter and their spokesman states that their company has always played a good price to ensure the security of the patents that is used in their technology products. The spokesman also added that Nokia has refused any offer made by the company to license their patents on a fair ground.

Regardless of which party is right and what is the result of the lawsuit – this has certainly broken out a war between the two prominent companies of the mobile industry.

t also reminded us of a similar incident 5 years ago when Apple went against Samsung Electronics and filed several infringement case. The lawsuit was concluded with wins and losses on both sides.

As we all know, Apple is the leader of telecommunication industry whilst Nokia once held the same title many years ago. Having missed making the transition from regular phones to smartphones that Apple initiated, it comes as a no surprise that Nokia might hold some grudge.

Currently, Nokia has a 10-year contract with HMD Global who are producing low-cost Nokia phones every year. The company also has plans to launch a Nokia based smartphone in the coming year.
Let’s wait and see how the clash of titans results in.

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