Those who are visually impaired have to face multiple challenges throughout the day. From getting help when dressing to searching for the products that they want in grocery stores – they suffer it all. Luckily, Aira is here for the rescue!

Just like technology is making our lives easier, developers are working to help the visually impaired as well.

Known as “Aira”, the new app is aiming to help the visually impaired by connecting them to a visual interpreting service. Around 200 visually impaired and blind individuals are currently testing it out and most are satisfied with the results they are getting.

How does Aira work?

Aira is simple and easy to use. Users just have to open the app or press a button present on their glasses to get connected with one of the 15 trained agents employed by the company. Through a sensor device, these agents are able to see the user’s surrounding and instruct them on their whereabouts.

Upon installation of, users have the privilege of getting an hour long “acquaintance” session with the app. As a result, Aira is able to customize according to the user’s preference. for example, if one user dislikes fish – it will not narrate fish options from the menu.

Overall, Aira seems like a great alternative to watch dogs that most blind individuals keep for assistance. Users who are trying the app out are fully satisfied and content with Aira and claim that it is really helping them lead a normal lifestyle.
Let’s hope that the developers soon make the innovative app available for more visually impaired individuals.

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