On 28th December, 2016, Twitter finally unrolled one of the most awaited feature of Live video broadcast i.e. 360-degree video from the app. After the live streaming feature directly from the app was opened for the users on 14th December, 2016 update, this is another step forward in this regard. Probably as a Christmas gift, Twitter has announced this offer for all Android and iOS users globally.

Twitter had this feature for quite some time already but it was not integrated in the main app itself. Rather, when a user wanted to make a live video broadcast, the button redirected them to another app Periscope. This was more of a nuisance for many and hence, many refrained from such added task of downloading a separate app and all. But now, with the help of just a few clicks literally, one can broadcast a live video; that is one may tweet it, retweet it or share it just like a regular tweet.

The most interesting part in this live video broadcast will be the 360-degree video broadcast. User can swipe or tilt their screens to view all sides in the live video. This would be let users have a complete real time experience of a situation. However, this feature is not yet available for common use; rather, selected partners will be able to use this feature initially. Facebook is yet to polish its 360-degree video feature, so Twitter has got an edge over Facebook here.

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