Every rise has a fall. This holds true for almost everything. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions. BlackBerry as a brand seems to be one of them. With each fall, they tend to rise again and keep striving to hold their company up and running no matter what.

BlackBerry’s Changing Strategy

The true fighter spirit in the BlackBerry management has led the company to take different steps. These include changing its business strategy, CEO, staff and services to keep the company alive in the digital market. Since 2014 the company stepped in to acquisition of few businesses in order to spread its branches in the business. Consequently, the 2016 revenues of the company showed positive uplift.

As a hardware giant, BlackBerry has already spread its wings in the markets of cyber security and medicine. Now the company is entering in the automobile industry. With a recent deal with Ford, BlackBerry is probably up for new software partners developing software for them.  Moreover, the word has it that BlackBerry radars are being installed in Caravan Transport Group’s trucks. Another software development deal with Karma is also being heard of showing that BlackBerry is now aiming seriously at the car Industry.

BlackBerry seems well aware of the law of evolution; ‘survival of the fittest’. And the fittest is the one who can perceive the forthcoming and act accordingly. Changing its business services and strategy is the shrewd step for survival in the ever evolving world of technology.

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