Done with the New Year celebrations and back to our routine! We at Technobyt are looking forward to the new and nicer in the New Year; while still bathing in the showers of devices released in 2016. Apple does not stop to hold its charm for its lovers. Last year had been a great one indeed for the Smartphone giant. However, year 2017, has to be even greater owing to the 10th anniversary of the company.

Most of the news we have found revolving is not an official announcement but mere rumors. Indeed rumors do hold importance for those who are always in search of the juicy gossip of the tech world. Here we present few of the Apple gossips we must be attentive about this year.

Expected Devices:

iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S, nobody can confirm about the name of the new version in hold for this year. This is much expected that 2017 iPhone will be out by September with many amazing changes.

Apple watch 3, or Apple Watch S version, nobody is sure of that as well, however, the Apple iWatch is also expected to receive upgrade this year. A better battery life, thinner, 3G/4G enabled, front camera etc. are few expected features in the rumored new model.

Apple has been promoting iPad Pros for a while now. Rumors are around about the new version coming this March.

About Mac Pro, well, the device has not been upgraded since 2013. So we think it deserves some attention.

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