The Apple company is all set to spread its wings (further) and start manufacturing their iPhones from India as well.
According to a recent report, after much negotiation with the Indian government, the Apple company has now partnered with a Taiwanese company “Wistron” to start assembling iPhones from India. Wistron has already started setting up a facility in Bangalore, India which is also considered the Silicon Valley of the country.
The leader of the smartphone industry is very much serious about starting manufacturing in India and are hoping to start things off latest by April 2017. During the last year, talks about the major collaboration had been doing the rounds whilst Tim Cook had also made a visit to Modi, the prime minister of India to further discuss their project. However, not much had been heard about it until now.
As we are all aware, most of Apple’s production is conducted in China. However, the recent step taken by the company will be quite crucial and to meet the demands of the local Indian public, the company will have to reduce its price significantly.
Furthermore, numerous job openings have also become available for Indian residents on Apple’s official website which will surely be appreciated by un-employed Indians as well as the government.
Tim Cook and the Apple company are very optimistic about their initiative and are touting India as the company’s next big market for growth in the coming years. Good Luck to both the parties!

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