Yahoo one of the leading email and news software providers claims the biggest data breach in the history. According to the Yahoo, the database of was stolen and breached back in 2013, which has affected accounts over 1 billion. The users of these accounts affected by the hacking activities.
Yahoo also stated that this breach is different from the one which is disclosed in September stating that 500 million accounts were hacked.
To secure the future account of Yahoo, the company claims selling the digital operations with the Verizon Communication. The amount will be $4.8 billion for the digital operation. Yahoo also claims that the hacking attack of late 2014 was linked with the unknown foreign government. But the hacking attacking of 2013, the company is failing to identify the hacking source behind it.
According to the experts, the security image of Yahoo and reliability is also badly affected and the users are choosing other options than Yahoo for their personal and business use. That is why publicly announcing the hacking accounts also leads a negative image of the company in the technology field.
It is also estimated that this announcement will decline the users of the Yahoo as well as the selling of the digital operation to Verizon Communication will also affect by this hacking announcements. The massive breaching of accounts will also take the time to maintain and improve the Yahoo image for the users and company.

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