Slimming is not a factor, only women are crazy about. Our tech developers seem to be obsessed with it too. With thinner and thinner laptops and smartphones coming in the market, Television is also being developed in same fashion.

Television industry from its beginning has been revolutionized many times. From big, heavy box-shaped, curved screens, to flat and big screened LCDs that made things look larger than life. Then they transformed the technology into luminous LEDs that redefined TV technology. Then the OLEDs surfaced the industry and now QLEDs, the last two being the latest technologies used by the Television manufacturers. In the CES 2017, LG and Samsung have taken the Television technology to greater extent. Both companies have designed their product technologically stronger and of more utility.


LG showcased its latest TV which is just 2.57 mm thick. It is supposed to be mounted with magnets so that they look like a part of the wall. This new OLED 4K TV is available in 65 and 77 inches models. Moreover the TVs will be compatible with four HDR formats. This would allow for a richer and clearer picture.


Samsung, on the other hand, showcased its beautiful, lifestyle-oriented TV which is always-on. That means when the TV in not in use, it displays art work to make it look like a painting. For that matter Samsung has designed a wooden casing for the TV. Also Samsung showed a hyper-bright 75 inches QLED 4K TV, a marvel no less.

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