Apple is a revolutionary brand. There is no second opinion to that. Not only in the field of smartphones, but laptops, tablets and other devices, Apple has really turned the tables. With new and advanced features, Apple devices and Operating System always make it to the top owing to its creative as well as thoughtful team. In 2009, an in- built VoiceOver app was added to Apple iPhones, which helped the visually impaired, especially blinds, to use the device. It was basically a screen reader.

VoiceOver Added in Swift Playgrounds App

Recently, Apple has been considerate enough to integrate the VoiceOver feature in the Swift Playgrounds app. Swift Playgrounds is a renowned Apple app for iPads which can be used to build codes and create software using the Swift language. It comes with learning/guiding instructions called ‘Fundamentals of Swift’. The app journeys one from basic programming to more advanced levels. With the VoiceOver technology added to this app, it has become user friendly for those who either cannot see, or have some difficulty in reading.

VoiceOver feature can be used in Swift Playgrounds by turning off the single tap function on the iPads display. Users can then listen to what’s on display by moving their fingers across the display screens. VoiceOver narrates the Swift Playgrounds features. It also helps visually impaired to navigate across the city using their transportation system. It even helps blind people take photos. Apple has made it possible for visually impaired to educate themselves, fulfill their interests, and even seek a career in coding.

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