Apple experts have the niche of turning everything into gold. There is no doubt about the creative abilities of the company’s management and developers. Owing to their skills and expertise, Apple always has a vantage position; be it the smartphone industry, laptop or iPods. Apple smartwatch, commonly called the Apple Watch however, seems to have gone against the company’s record.

Apple Watch-Where the problem lies?

In 2016, the Apple Watch sales dropped by 55% according to the figures released in July. Since then, the results have not been much positive yet. After the initial surge in the sales of Apple Watch, the gadget slowly started losing its popularity among masses. There could be many reasons for this decline. One of them might be the unawareness on part of the consumers. Probably many of us really do not know completely what smart watches are capable of. Hence we do not find much use of it in our daily lives. Secondly, reliance on iPhone is a hitch. Small screen, difficult controls, less battery life and charging another battery for the rest of your life also does not seem very plausible.

Apple watch makers probably should think of some other things to be added in the gadget to make it more popular. As advised by some bloggers, Apple should probably allow for cross-platform features, thereby adding the Android support to the device. This would not only increase the customer base for Apple watches but also improve the utility of the device for many.

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