In October last year, Apple introduced its new MacBook Pro. This one was long awaited. The upgraded model of Mac was released after long four years. This high end Apple laptop is one of its kinds. developers around the world love MacBooks. Rumor had it, that Apple was neglecting Macs, however, the new model proved it otherwise. Apple was still interested in catering to the requirements of developers and programmers who rely on Macs for various reasons.

Issue with MacBook pro

MacBook Pro, since its release, did not prove to be up to the Apple’s standards. Battery life issue severely tainted the reputation of the product. Many consumers were repelled from the MacBook Pro and were disappointed when an update in December even could not fix the issue. It was the ‘time remaining’ estimate that was creating problems so it was removed from the MacBook Pros software.


Recently, on Tuesday, another software update has been issued. The users registered with the Apple’s beta software programs are able to access this software update only( for now). Under this update, the battery life issue has been resolved. It was some bug in the Safari that was found to be causing trouble which has been fixed by Apple. For general public this software update will be released after some weeks.

According to the Consumer Reports, they tested the MacBook Pros earlier and stated that it failed to clear their test, however, after the recent update, Consumer Reports recommends the MacBook Pros back to its consumers.

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