Crypto Currency is a secured currency which is difficult to rob, easy to carry and efficient in transferring and considered as the currency of next generation. Crypto is a digital and virtual currency which was discovered in 2009. The main purpose was to achieve totally virtual money which can be converting and transect for monetary purpose. It has an advanced security feature which is done in cryptography, a coding difficult to break and keeps your money safe. The crypto currency is used to monetize the currency by converting the actual currency in Bitcoin, the unit of digital currency. There is no physical appearance of Bitcoin but a virtual representation of currency.
Pro and Cons of Crypto Currency:
• Crypto currency is easier in transferring the funds between two parties.
• The security keys can be set according to the demand of two parties.
• The transfer can be done in private or public facility.
• The transfer fees and the process are minimal.
• More secure and convenient than banks and financial institutions.
• Helps in structuring the data on the user transaction, spending and analyses on spending behaviors.
• It is an affecting and safe method to transact money.
• Being a virtual currency the threat of hacking is always there.
• The currency can also wipe out in case no backup available.
• As a currency, the conversion rates can fluctuate depending on the demand of users.
• As it is not controlled by banks and government, it is difficult to recover or track the theft.

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