Laundry folding is a cumbersome task. After the entire day of never ending household chores, folding the pile of clothes is an added responsibility. Thus, seven dreamers have resolved the issues of all of us who find the task menacing. Laundroid, a laundry folding bot is almost ready for launch in around two months’ time. This useful robot was even displayed at CES.

Every weekend, most of us are engaged in the weekly task of washing. What remain afterwards are loads of unfolded dried clothes which usually go to cupboard in the form of a ball of clothes bunched together. Kids’ mothers especially rarely find time for such a time sparing task. The laundry folding bot is therefore a much needed robot for a long time. The Laundroid is an intelligent robot with Image Analysis, robotics and artificial analysis as part of their core technology. Further use of the robot will allow for more improvements if or a required by the customers.

How does Laundroid work?

Laundroid works by putting all washed and dried laundry in the Insert Box. Then you press a start button. The Laundroid uses the image analysis to find out what type of cloth is presented for folding. It can identify and sort the clothes in different categories according to whom they belong.. Then it automatically folds the clothes and even sorts it. The folded and sorted laundry can be taken out.

Laundroid is operated by a smartphone app.

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