Nokia, one of the pioneer brands in the telecommunication was almost in a forgotten position for quite some time now. There has been not much hype of the company’s products lately. Neither the mobile phones are as popular anymore as they were, nor are they as technologically equipped as their competitors have become. Nokia therefore has already been setting into oblivion but wait! The company seems to be making a come-back in the market, exclusively in China with the introduction of a brand new handset  Nokia 6, in China.

Nokia 6 Features

Nokia 6 is the stylish, expensive looking Android smartphone, which is actually not very expensive.  It costs only 1700 Yuan or $245.  The beautiful smartphone has a 5.5 inches display screen, with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, providing a refined picture and display quality. The fast Snapdragon 430 processor makes the phone run smoothly when using multiple apps. There is a 16 MP camera on the back, and an 8 MP front camera. Moreover, there is a 4 GB RAM.

Nokia sold its selling rights to HMD last year. The company has announced on 8th January, 2017 the launch of Nokia 6 in China only. This could be the harbinger of a new start for Nokia in China. However, only time would tell what feedback does the company receive from the consumers. With tough competition in the market, Nokia needs to take much courageous steps to make it back to its once acquired, top position.

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