Making the smartphones even smarter, Samsung is heard to be working on foldable design in the smartphone. According to few rumors,( as they are not yet confirmed officially) Samsung will most likely unfold its foldable smartphones later this year; in the third quarter of the year (as is being said). Well, unless and until there is an official announcement of the smartphone, we cannot be sure if it really will be out by Q3 this year.

What foldable smartphones means?

Last year, in December, we heard the South Korean giant working on two designs for foldable smartphones. One was supposed to be a dual screen smartphone. It means it would have screens on both sides, at the back and at the front. The second design will include a single display which will be flexible enough to be folded. Technical completion has been already done.

Samsung is not the only one in the line. LG, the other South-Korean competitor of Samsung is also being heard of working on the same technology. LG is also being said to unveil its foldable smartphone in the fourth quarter this year. However, none of the reports are confirmed. But we do know that something really exciting and amazing is bound to happen later this year. With folding smartphones, around, we cannot imagine what it would be like. Here at Technobyt, we can’t wait to have our hands on a foldable smartphone, hold it, fold it, feel it, use it, and of course, review it!

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