With a smartphone in your pocket, a laptop at the back, and tablet in your hands, I never assumed that one needed smartwatch on the wrist as well. Showering us with technology, everything is growing smart. Probably in coming years there will be smart necklaces, earrings and other items as well.

History of Smartwatch

Strangely, wristwatches are not as smart as they should have been by now. Despite of years of progress, Smart watches are still in their infant years. Their history goes back to late 1990s. Initially, features like LCD screens, stylus, antennae made the wrist watch capable of running few basic operations. It wasn’t until 2010, that smartwatches akin to smartphones surfaced the world of technology.

Smartwatch’s Potential

Useless at the initial glance for me; (because Smartwatch works like a Smartphone, whereas a Smartphone also does the job of a watch), a smartwatch is more like your smartphone banded to your wrist. The small screens, high cost, battery life issue and cumbersome controls may be a nuisance but they run plenty of applications today.  Useful for all or not, they do however has a lot of potential for growth and utility, especially in the health industry.

Tech and health experts are coordinating to develop health related features in the smartwatches which probably would be their edge for selling. I do not know what future holds, but adding the health apps to the smartwatch might only be the reason many would like to buy one of these.

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