Talking devices is no more a new concept. Let us admit! We all have spoken to our electronic devices at least once in our lives. Be it a Google search, or commanding your Smartphone to do the job you require. The talking function has been introduced already in many ways in our lives. Indeed, this is a great achievement. With multi-tasking as a necessity, and laziness a hobby, such functionality is no doubt, of great use to many of us.

This year at CES, the concept of talking devices has been pushed even farther. Several devices with talking function have been introduced. For example, there are talking robots from LG, which can read books, play music for you and even let start a vacuum cleaner.  Then there is Ford manufactured Car with a talking app. It can guide you to your destination, play music etc. Next there was an Amazon Echo Dot speaker, which can change a TV channel if you ask it.

Talking devices seem to be our future. Leaving mundane tasks to devices, people may use their time for more valuable tasks. For people with disabilities, or other genuine issues, these are a necessity. But such devices leaves us wondering, what social and cultural impact it would incur on our lives. Information security concerns, lack of real socialization, too much dependence on electronic devices are just a few we could think. Having robots and devices as companions is not a very pleasing picture I am sure.

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