Google promised that support for PayPal in Android Pay would arrive “within the next few weeks” when it made the announcement back in April. It has been more than a few weeks, but better late than never as PayPal updated its app to support Google’s mobile payment service.

In addition to the below splash screen that some users are seeing, the page for supported banks and cards has been updated to include PayPal. The page says that any banks or cards that PayPal supports will work with Android Pay, so if your bank/card provider has been slow to adopt Android Pay, this can be a workaround.

The setup process essentially links your PayPal balance to Android Pay through a proxy Discover card — you’ll have to keep an eye on shopfronts and restaurants to see if they’ll accept Discover. While it’s up there close to Visa and Mastercard acceptance levels, it’s not quite there — but it’s certainly above American Express’s permeation.

Since the link relies solely on the PayPal balance and not on any cards associated with the account, Android Pay requires a “top-up” card and a “top-up amount” to pull from if that balance drops to zero.

Another thing to keep in mind is you are not limited to whatever you choose as your top-up amount. PayPal will automatically withdraw from your bank account to make up for any differences between your top-up amount and how much something costs.

The update should be live in the Play Store, though some folks have said they have not seen the option for Android Pay within the app’s settings, so it might be a bit until you see the update on your end.


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